Four Week Intermediate Skills Progression

Do you have four evenings available to go paddle? Looking to work on your intermediate skills and progress your paddling to that next level with style and precision? How about we make the setting on four different local class 3 runs? Let’s really break down the Boat, Body, Blade, and see how we can better sinc all three components to become smoother, more efficient paddlers. S Turns, cross current momentum, building power on your blade, jet ferries, understanding current changes and transitions are just some of the topics we will be covering.


Pre requisites

Must be fairly confident paddling class 3 rivers with a river roll in a class 3 environment.



Plan will be to leave the city of Calgary from a pre determined location by 5:30, or alternately to meet at our paddling destination by 6:30. We will then have a minimum of 2 hours on the water before returning back. 


Other info

Every person must have appropriate personal wear/safety gear including a throw bag, whistle, and a river runner/creek boat with float bags.



All four sessions   $180