AWA/CKC Leader 2 Instructor 2


The AWA/CKC Leader 2 Instructor 2 Training course is a 2 evening, 2 day program designed to prepare instructor/leader candidates with the skills to work towards L2/I2 certification. The aim of this program is to introduce the core concepts of leading and teaching whitewater kayaking on Class I and II whitewater.


Course Overview

  • NCCP/CKC overview

  • Equipment

  • Risk management focused and covers the details of trip planning and leading a group down the river on Class I and II water

  • Risk management: liability, waivers, standards of care, emergency action planning

  • Planning and preparation

  • Paddler screening/assessment

  • Risk assessment and decision making

  • Leadership skills

  • River hazards and hydrology

  • Group management

  • Scouting & communication techniques 

  • Demonstration of rescue and paddling skills

  • Teaching methodology

  • Site selection

  • Instructional group management and communication

  • Session planning

  • Technical skills: flatwater skills, eddy turns, ferrying, s-turns, surfing, moving water roll, basic rescue techniques, games and exercises, professional issues and administration.

After completing this course participants can expect to understand through in-depth feedback and end of course debrief where they are at in relationship to successfully completing an L2/I2 evaluation. At the end of the course I will outline strengths and areas of improvement with a suggested timeline/course of action for a successful evaluation.

Prerequisites - Must be 16 years of age to achieve “trained” status and 18 years of age to be certified.

Cost $400 no tax  ($280 course fee plus $120 AWA registration fee)