Cost $160

Boofing 101/201

Boof Stroke - A correctly timed and placed stroke using synchronized dynamics of your Boat, Blade, and Body, to help drive the bow of your boat over holes, ledges, waves, drops, and other obstacles. 
Join myself for a one and a half day course focusing on a boof stroke progression. Working on timing, stroke choice, and understanding different applications in different situations will be some of the goals for outcomes for the program. 


Prerequisites - Must have had some exposure paddling Class 3 with a consistent roll in a Class 2 environment. This is an intermediate level course based on Class 3 white water. 


This ia a one and a half day course taking place Friday eve 6:00 - 9:00 and full day Saturday 9:00 - 4:30. Our location will be within 1.5 hours from Calgary and so you are welcome to camp on the Friday as will be my plan. You are responsible for your weekend food and camping gear.

Every person must have appropriate personal wear/safety gear including a throw bag, whistle, and a river runner/creek boat with float bags. No play boats.