Introduction To River Kayaking


You’re interested in taking up the sport of whitewater kayaking? This is the course and foundation for getting you into this exciting activity. Come and join myself for two full days of learning, challenging yourself, working with others, and discovering a sport and community that’s second to none. You’ll be learning about equipment, safety, paddling techniques, how to use your Boat, Body, and Blade to best move through currents and rapids.


Pre requisites

Minimum 16 years of age



Times and locations will vary depending on time of season and will be determined well in advance of program date. Expect two full days typically from 8:30 -4:30.  


Other info

Participants will be supplied with all personal gear including wetsuit, paddling top, footwear, helmet, pfd, along with all kayak equipment. Participants are to bring a swimsuit, long sleeve base layers such as polypropylene, merino wool, or light fleece. Last item is a good lunch and snacks for the day.


This course is only available as a private/private group.

Please contact for pricing and to set up your personalized 

Introduction program.