Week of Rivers (Dirtbag Edition)

So you want to experience 5 days of instructionally guided class 3/4 Canadian Rockies Whitewater, but you have a limited budget? Ill let you sort out your daily gourmet lunch, and you let me sort out the locations and logistics for five incredible rivers just outside our back door. We will use Calgary area as our daily meeting point where we will vehicle share each day to our river locations. From there you can expect a guided and instructional day on five of our classic intermediate to lower advanced stretches or rivers. I will move through the day at such a pace that everyone is comfortable and progresses with confidence. Stopping at locations where we can work on specific skills or take a moment to break down a move or river feature will be a part of each day.


Pre requisites

Must be comfortable paddling class 3 rivers with a strong river roll in a class 3 environment.



We will have a pre determined time and location for each day as we progress through the week. River levels change with frequency at this time of the season so we will plan and make changes as necessary.


Other info

Every person must have appropriate personal wear/safety gear including a throw bag, whistle, and a river runner/creek boat with float bags. The days will be full so pack extra clothing, gear and food.